Web 2.0 Design: How Does It Work?

Think of a situation. You have gone to a jewellery shop and you see an attractive ring in the showcase. When you ask the shop owner to bring it out he says that he does not have the key. How would you feel? In online marketing the same used to happen before. The social media has fueled the need of interaction between the viewers and website many folds. That is where the idea of Web 2.0 design comes in. The idea behind the μ›Ήν•˜λ“œ web 2.0 design was ‘upgradation by simplification’. It means, people can accomplish their task with less effort and in a more user-friendly way. Previously the web-pages did not have the database that can make the website easy to use and the concept of interaction between the viewer and the webpage was not so strong. Naturally, it became difficult to attract viewers to the website. Now, creating only a user friendly website would not serve the purpose. There should be a striking design that can catch the fancy of the viewers.

Design is an integral part of website development. Yet, it is rather hard to define what the 2.0 web design exactly is, because it is an umbrella term for various online developments. But to simplify it, we can say that it is the enhancer of interactivity among the net users. If we can grasp the kind of work it does then we will be able to understand what exactly the 2.0 web design is. The web 2.0 design includes AJAX, JQuery, SOAP, XML and JAVAScript which give the customer a better experience in web interatcivity. The theory is to make a website available to you like the pen in your pocket. Let’s talk about some designing features that comply with the web 2.0 standards.


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