Social Media Stats to Get Your Business Moving  

Social Media Stats to Get Your Business Moving  

Statistics can be manipulated of course. But they can also be used to show the truth and to clarify whether or not a decision can and should be made. Here are some current statistics about social media.

Over a third of a million people today use Facebook throughout the planet and more than 1/2 of these sign in every day. 55 million status updates are posted every single day and more than   Social Media Visitors     2.5 billion photos are published just about every month. That’s a lot of people.

There’s more…

Twitter proclaimed 30 million clients in July 2009. Of these, nearly three quarters registered in early 2009. One third of users provide the largest part of the activity. Can you see where this is leading?

Do you know how many blog posts are submitted every single day? What about information media, press releases, image and online video media sharing submissions? Think billions.

That is billions every single DAY!

Surprising statistics? Perhaps. But, you either really get this or you really don’t. A lot of people don’t. That’s OK but you will be missing out on a great opportunity. It has to be said that many of these users will be “typical” social media visitors. They are most likely to devote their time on social media websites speaking to good friends and planning meetups. But, research shows that 4 out of 5 of these types of individuals come up with purchasing selections making use of internet media channels.

That is, purchasing judgments. Buying judgments. Engaging judgments.

Now, if you’re an organization or an enterprise that offers something for a return then you may like to be facing these customers. You may well like to be a component of their selection. If you do not, then your competition wil


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