“Print & Sign Shop” Or Media Shop!  

“Print & Sign Shop” Or Media Shop!  

A few weeks ago, I went down and did a hands-on install at a trade show. We were working with a partner putting up an interactive surface and I just had to get down there and    sign company near me

see this new technology for myself. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Interactive surfaces, or digital signage, can turn almost any surface into a touch screen. Basically, it’s a sensor-equipped foil and film that’s applied to a glass, Plexiglas or vinyl surface. Then, a basic overhead projector projects an image on to that surface, transforming the surface into a massive interactive surface. They’re really popular with retail outlets that want 24-hour customer interaction or trade show exhibitors looking for that added edge. The advantage is that potential customers can choose to opt-in to your offering at their own pace, while interacting with your interactive media.

I was absolutely fascinated by the technology and the implications it could have for the print business, which is why I went down there. I wanted to see this new product in an up close and personal environment and get really hands on with it. It was absolutely incredible to see this company turn our 2D vinyl image of a giant iPhone into an interactive touchscreen experience.


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