North Vs South London – Where Is the Best Commercial Office Rental?

North Vs South London – Where Is the Best Commercial Office Rental?


So you’ve decided to move into a commercial office space in London, but you’re not sure which area to move into. The North vs. South divide is ripe throughout Londoners not just in Helping 2 Move Services in London regards to geographical locations, but in culture, heritage and taste.

Many who have either moved to London or have always lived there are extremely territorial and protective about their respective areas in which they live. Making the move to a London office space is a big decision and so you have the right to be 100% happy about the space you are letting.

When thinking about the needs of your new office space the obvious criteria rest on the best; transport, property prices, and location. You may also be thinking about being close to park spaces and entertaining cultural areas to keep your clients and staff happy.


The North of London is covered by the London Underground Tube system. The majority of rental spaces in the North can be easily reached on the tube and are within walking distance from each station. London prides itself on its transport system and even when renovation work is being done on the tube (which happens quite often) there is always a replacement bus service ready to take you near to your office.

The South is only marginally covered by the tube, however instead it runs on buses and suburban train systems which provide, according to some, a more pleasant experience allowing for fresh air and views.

When it comes to driving to your  if your rental property is in central London (which is almost entirely in the North of the river) you would be likely to incur a congestion charge. In addition to this, parking spaces are like gold dust and most London office spaces that have parking usually have to charge extra for the service.


Traditionally house prices in the North are higher than the South but the reality today is that you usually get more for your money in the South. Obviously the size of the office space you desire is going to dramatically change the price of the rental so you need to decide on this before you start looking at prices.

Many areas in South London are extremely ‘up and coming’ and so grabbing them now whilst they are at a lower price makes great business sense to help with the cost of renting your office space.


London is a vibrant cultural city and whether you are North or South you are never far away from a good pub, bar or restaurant to keep your clients happy. Specific areas go in and out of fashion quickly, so long-term plans need to focus on your office needs and property specifications to ensure you stay happy in your new office. For parks and scenery the highlights in the North include Primrose Hill and Hampstead Heath, in the South you have Wimbledon and Clapham Common.


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